Ringless Voicemail is set to become the next great marketing success by achieving higher response rates at lower costs, using a customer-friendly technology which is easy to track and optimize. Ringless Voicemail gets opened more often than email, is more engaging than SMS, cheaper than direct mail and much more convenient than cold calls, for you and your customers.


What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless Voicemail is a technology which can send voice messages directly to your recipients’ voicemail inboxes, without placing a call or causing their phone to ring. This service allows you to send voice message marketing in bulk the same way you conduct your email and SMS marketing campaigns.


These are the 3 most important reasons Ringless Voicemail is a game-changing marketing tool:


1. High Open Rates

Voicemail messages are much less likely to be ignored than other forms of direct marketing.

The average consumer today is exposed to so much marketing via direct mail and email that often your recipient won’t even bother to read the subject line, let alone open the message – potentially missing out on products, services and deals that would appeal to them. A voicemail with a compelling pitch is not only more attention-grabbing than a text or email, they also can’t be subconsciously dismissed in the same way by skim-reading an inbox.


2. Sales agents can use their time more effectively

Using outbound calls to generate and follow up each and every lead is extremely time-consuming. Even existing customers often won’t pick up the phone for an unexpected call, and many recipients will immediately say no or hang up because they don’t want to feel put on the spot. Making these calls can sap your agents’ energy and keeps them from more productive tasks.

By sending out Ringless Voicemails instead, recipients can process the information and call back when they are ready, and you can reach customers who just don’t answer the phone. From this point you can use an automated IVR to qualify interested leads, provide more information and connect those ready to buy with an agent. Your agents can then spend more of their time speaking to interested and qualified leads.


3. Easy to track and optimize

Ringless Voicemail makes it easy to optimize your marketing messages and strategy, with automatic tracking of open rates, and other statistics. Voice messages can be recorded, scheduled and sent to segmented lists in a matter of minutes. This allows you to test the performance of your pitches to each group of leads, create variations of messages and optimize the timing and content type.

Ringless Voicemail delivers a direct and engaging marketing message while respecting the customer’s privacy and convenience. Not only are customers more willing to listen to a voice message than read an email or receive a cold call, with more time spent talking to interested leads and less time just hoping someone picks up, your sales agents will be happier and more productive too.