How a Political Survey can predict the outcome of elections

IVR surveys can increase your business’ customer satisfaction by providing clear and immediate feedback on customer interactions you can use to improve your processes, policies and employee training. Dynamic surveys select questions based on previous answers, or based on information about customers already in your CRM, enabling you to get more useful information with fewer and more relevant questions. This can increase survey completion rates and provide more of the data you need to improve service based on feedback.

Collect Customer Feedback

Efficient methods of conducting political surveys and polls are vital to running a political campaign or predicting the outcome of an election, however there are numerous challenges involved in getting useful, detailed information from a representative sample of the population. In this article, we will cover how Dynamic IVR Surveys tackle these problems to provide accurate political poll results before an election:

Massive respondents at a time

An IVR is able to dial hundreds of landline numbers at once, providing large, random samples of the population at a fraction of the time and cost it would take for your team to call. The only alternative for polling this many people so quickly is online surveys, which often show bias due to being advertised on specific websites and communities rather than requesting responses in a truly random way, and due to the fact that people with strong opinions will be more likely to click a survey link. 

Randomized questions and answers

Dynamic IVR Surveys allow the order of questions and answers to be played in a random order, which helps to eliminate unintentional bias from the structure of the survey. The use of pre-recorded messages also helps here. Conducting surveys with live agents can lead to the caller subconsciously influencing responses through their tone of voice or the way they phrase a question. With an IVR Survey you can create recordings with neutral tone and phrasing and ensure every respondent hears the same questions and answers in the same voice.

Dynamic Branching Surveys

Asking the right questions can greatly increase the amount of useful information you get from each respondent. Dynamic IVR Surveys make this easy with an unlimited amount of branching questions selected based on a respondent’s previous answers. This reduces the number of irrelevant or repeated questions a respondent is asked and enables follow up questions to find out why respondents gave a particular answer, or establish trends and connections between different opinions and answers.

Route to Live Agents

Dynamic IVR Surveys offer the best of both worlds by giving respondents the option to be connected with a member of staff for more in-depth discussion of certain issues, allowing you to learn more about opinions not covered by the survey answers provided.


Using a Dynamic IVR system to conduct your next political survey will save you time and money as well as provide detailed responses from a broad selection of participants. Thanks to the ability to dial in bulk, surveys take days or even hours to complete instead of weeks and months.