What is a Hosted PBX?

An IP PBX is a phone system that uses VoIP to connect phone calls securely via your Internet connection instead of your phone lines, eliminating the cost and maintenance of traditional telephony.
A Hosted PBX is a VoIP-based solution deployed from our cloud centre, giving you access to IP PBX technology managed for you by industry professionals.

We connect your landline Phone Number to a Cloud Phone System that will allow you to:

  • Set up Automated Response System or IVR, which is an automated message with options to connect the caller with the person he wish to speak to.
  • Configure Time conditions, for out-of-office hours, such as: press 1 to leave a message, press 2 to learn about our products and services, etc.
  • Configure Call Centers, which its used to send the incoming call to: a group of extensions (landlines or cell phones), these numbers can be dialed all at the same time or in sequence.
  • Enable a Call Queue, this feature allows you to have multiple incoming calls to your business and you wouldn’t miss any call from your customers.
  • Make and receive calls from your web browser, without installing APP or buying IP equipment.
  • FaxServer. Configure incoming and outgoing Fax sending.
  • SMS send capability

  • Record your incoming and outgoing Calls if desire.

Cost Effective

Cut your costs by only paying for the calls you make, charged at a much lower rate than PTSN. With traditional telephony you pay substantial line rental and other fees, on top of line installation fees and repairs, all before you’ve made a single call.


Switching to a VoIP system can save up to 3.9 hours a week per employee in downtime. Whether you are equipping a small sales and support team or a fully-fledged call centre, advanced features such as platform integration, CRM and time management enhance your team’s productivity.

Usable and Scalable

Your team members can configure every aspect of their call routing and personal settings via an easy-to-use web portal or directly through their IP Phone, freeing up IT resources and training costs.
The size and capability of your Hosted PBX can be expanded and upgraded without the limitations of outdated PTSN technology. A Hosted PBX offers a communication solution that can grow with your business.

Future Proof

Our Hosted PBX services receive regular software and hardware updates to ensure your business is always equipped with the latest communications technology.
Ease the pressure on your IT team with compatibility updates to support the latest devices and operating systems.

Flexible and Reliable

An Internet-based communication solution means your team is no longer tied to their desks, and can work from anywhere using your business’ WiFi connection. Unify all your office locations and remote workers within a single Hosted PBX system capable of adding and removing new users in an instant.
Calls made over traditional phone lines are subject to a wide range of call quality issues such as delay, reception and clarity problems. Modern broadband networks are capable of far greater audio quality with consistently low latencies.

Outsourced Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about dedicating staff and resources to keeping your system running smoothly when we handle the maintenance and updates for you. With ample data centre redundancy to keep you online, say goodbye to communications downtime due to maintenance and updates.


Our data centres are protected by industry-leading network security experts and technologies, and we provide industry standard hardware and software SBC’s along with Digium and Sangoma IP Phones, to secure communications within your own network.


A Hosted PBX stays up and running even when your office isn’t – from power outages to fire and floods, minimise your lost income when the worst happens with a cloud-based solution that keeps your communications online.


Get that professional look that your company needs. With our cloud phone system, we can make a small business look great.

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