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Why Voice Broadcasting solutions?

Five services in One Powerful Platform
Up to 90 % open rate.

You don’t have to worry about emails getting
trapped in Spam folders.

Reach Thousands of customers in Mins.

Tools based on Voice Broadcasting services, which provide you features and benefits that have a huge potential to reach thousands of customers in minutes, which includes:


Ringless Voicemail


Voice Broadcast


Phone Surveys


Press 1 Call Transfer



Why use our services?


Seminar Reminders and Events Announcements

Event, Seminar, Annual Meeting Invitations

Communications among members and Volunteers

Increase exhibitors and Attendees

Boost responses to email or direct mail

Organizing Political Campaigns

Post Event Surveys

Special Offers and Discounts

Service Satisfaction Follow-Up

Client list update/verification

New Products and Services

Dealer Promotions

Recall Notices

The text message has great potential to reach all mobile users instantly. Compare to traditional marketing, SMS marketing is cost-effective and has a high open-rate.

It’s great to send Event reminders or propagate your promotions to multiple clients at a time.

Automate your SMS reminders and updates, run marketing campaigns, and set up SMS triggers attached to your CRM and sign-up page, all from a simple, easy-to-use web-based interface.

Ringless Voicemail frees you from continuous out-bound calling.

Ringless Voicemail makes it easy to optimize your marketing messages and strategy, with automatic tracking of open rates and leads who call back.

Voice messages can be recorded, scheduled, and sent to segmented lists in a matter of minutes.

By sending out Ringless Voicemails instead, recipients can process the information and call back when they are ready, and you can reach customers who just don’t answer the phone.

From this point, you can use an automated IVR to qualify interested leads, provide more information, and connect those ready to buy with an agent. Your agents can then spend more of their time speaking to interested and qualified leads.

What 1on1consulting will do

We will facilitate you to record your message either in your own voice, or we can work with a voice expert to record your message.

We will take your contact list and configure in our platform along with your voicemail message.

We will schedule the campaign ahead of time and can even spread the message in different Times of day by splitting the campaign into different parts.

We will then provide you a detailed report on the successful delivery of the campaign.

Our clients love this because it allows them to collect any type of information from thousands of their prospects or clients at the same time, by sending them a phone Survey with branching questions which they will answer rapidly with their phone keypad.

With the Surveys, you can measure customer satisfaction level, collect attendance information for an Event or meeting, Collect Clients relevant information, and much more.

By providing an immediate avenue for feedback that responds to the customer’s answers, IVR surveys have the potential to flag issues and sticking points faster than other feedback methods.

Another advantage of IVR surveys is that customers are still on the phone, and when they complete the survey, you can provide the option to connect them back to an agent after they complete it. This can be useful when the IVR survey receives highly negative responses from a customer.

What 1on1consulting will do

We will sit with your Team; We will design a simple set of questions to be completed under 3 mins.

We will configure survey questions in our platform and then send the survey to participants.

Once we have collected the feedback, we will provide you a detailed report of the answers collected, and you will have a complete success of your event right Infront of your eyes.

Is an automated voice broadcasting service. Our Platform will dial a list of phone numbers, and play a pre-recorded voice message to the recipient when they answer the phone. If no one answers the phone, the message will be played into the voice mailbox.

Minimize on repetitious outbound calls and expedite your outbound campaigns with tremendous speed. With Voice Broadcasting, you can make thousands of calls per day to your contact list.

Voice broadcasting liberates you from manually dialing phone numbers, and verbally repeating the same message to your target recipient.

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