The Problem

Almost every professional has a gym membership, but less than 50% of all members go to the gym 100 or more times per year. That means gyms can greatly increase attendance in their classes simply by focusing on bringing back existing members more regularly, instead of taking on the more difficult task of attracting new members.


While sometimes a gym member skipping class is due to unavoidable work or personal life circumstances, the most common reasons for non-attendance are a lack of motivation and poor timekeeping.

Both of these problems can be tackled with the right tools and approach.

The Solution

Automatic personalized text and voice messages are a reliable way to remind all class members of an upcoming class. This achieves much more than simply reminding clients they have a class soon.

As humans we are more likely to follow through with commitments when someone reminds us we have to do it. Reminding clients to stick to their exercise routine can be a big help for clients who struggle with the motivation to attend every class.

Similarly, we are far more motivated to go to the gym, or anywhere for that matter, when someone is looking forward to us being there. Social interaction at the gym is often a key indicator of whether someone will stick with their fitness plan or not.

New members of a class who haven’t established any social connections yet might feel unnoticed or need a little extra encouragement to keep up the hard work. A quick message to say you are looking forward to seeing their progress helps remind these members that you want to help them achieve their goals and will be disappointed if they skip class.

Being a gym with excellent customer service means more than just providing access to great instructors and classes. It can also mean motivating clients to keep working for the results they want and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Reinforcing a regular schedule of exercise with reminders helps members keep a clear goal in sight, which greatly decreases procrastination.

SMS and voice reminders can be a very effective way of doing this at a low cost with minimal extra work for your instructors after the initial setup.

How It Works

Setting up voice and SMS reminders couldn’t be simpler. We will record your instructors’ voice messages or compose professional SMS and schedule it to be sent to each class member at the times of your choosing. We can even provide professional voice actors to record messages.

Other Uses

Reminding members about classes is just one of the many potential applications of text and voice messages for gyms and fitness centres. Here are some more ways this technology can motivate your clients and improve participation:

Acknowledge Dedicated Members

Congratulate new members on taking the first steps to a healthier lifestyle, and give recognition to your most loyal clients.

Encourage Missing Members

Schedule texts to reach clients who have missed a few classes to offer some words of encouragement and positivity to bring them back.

Announce New Classes

If your instructors are starting new classes, we can schedule texts encouraging potentially interested members to try something new.