1on1Survey can empower healthcare researchers, institutions and private companies to conduct

important online research. Our solutions are easily adapted to meet complex requirements, and our

custom programming services around our applications to build bespoke solutions tailored to your project.


Our experienced personnel are ready support your research with online data collection, analysis

survey and questionnaire tools, and provide expert assistance with critical projects.

We can provide large-scale, national health and clinical studies for healthcare professionals in any

field, from cancer treatment feedback to influenza vaccination effects. At an affordable cost, our

advanced web application for data collection and analysis provides:

  • Management and tracking features
  • Analysis and reporting functions
  • A range of export formats and methods
  • Security and confidentiality measures
  • And many more features

Our online service is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Client data is protected at multiple

levels and is stored on servers protected by Canada’s strict confidentiality laws.


Our Flexible Solutions Can Enable Complex and Vital Research

Our services are able to assist national health research studies, regional healthcare and social service

centers, hospitals, university medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and more.