When it comes to organizing and promoting your events, SMS broadcasting offers a multitude of benefits which can promote your event and boost ticket sales, as well as enhancing the presentations and assuring the event itself runs smoothly.

Here are three simple ways SMS broadcasting can have a major impact on the success of your events:


1. SMS Reminders

Printed schedules, and even schedules posted online or sent via email, can be a hassle to check in a busy conference center. Furthermore, every event has at least one or two unexpected changes to the schedule or presentation locations and it can be difficult to keep your attendees and presenters informed of alterations using these methods. Sending schedule reminders and update alerts via SMS keeps everyone instantly updated. SMS reminders can also help improve punctual attendance by providing attendees with directions to the event and each presentation area.

Event staff and speakers can also benefit from the use of SMS broadcasting to provide status reports letting them know about unexpected issues and presentations running over their time, helping them to keep the show running smoothly.

2. Enhancing your event with SMS

Asking attendees to confirm their attendance for each presentation allows you to organize the event more efficiently, giving each presentation a space appropriate to its attendance numbers and making sure the most popular presentations don’t clash.

Your speakers can also make great use of SMS during their presentations, as it enables them to conduct live polls of their audience and display the results in real-time. This is faster, more flexible and more appealing than an informal ‘show of hands’ where often audience members can’t really see the results for themselves.

Finally, SMS is a convenient method of conducting exit surveys and collecting feedback to improve your future events, as attendees can receive a request for feedback instantly as the event ends, or even after individual presentations.

3. Increasing Ticket Sales

To start with the most obvious, send out texts to your existing mailing lists letting them know you have an upcoming event is a great way to spread awareness and generate some early interest and sales. By inviting subscribers to a separate mailing list for the event, you can easily segment your most interested leads for targeted marketing.

Additionally texts alerting your subscribers that tickets are about to be sold out or that the event is happening in a few days can drive last-minute sales and give customers one last chance to avoid missing out.

SMS broadcasting also allows you to offer discounted tickets to important clients and leads that are ready to become customers, as well as provide referral links attendees can text to their friends and colleagues for a discount.


SMS broadcasting can help plan and promote your event, and provides a more streamlined experience for attendees, speakers and event staff. Not only can it assist in organizing and managing the event and your attendees, it can even enhance the presentations themselves as well as generate more ticket sales.